Ultimaker Pen Plotter

Introduction: Ultimaker Pen Plotter

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Here's an interesting and exciting new addition that you can do to your very own Ultimaker V1.
I printed a pen clip to mount onto the printhead screws.
I modified Cura settings to disable the extruder motor and nozzle heater.
Change the resolution to 0.01mm
Change the overall image height to 0.05mm

The attached images are plots that I have done previously.
mini_plotter_v0.1.ini is the config file to load to Cura. (drag file onto window)
plottr_arm_v0.2.stl is the pen clip file, print at 50% density or higher (strength to hold the pen in place)

Print the plotter arm file first.
Then load the mini-plotter ini file and import a JPG file (PNG will have issues due to transparency reading as full black).
Select the height (mm) to be 0.05
Select the base to be 0.01
Now the tricky part.
Where you screw the pen arm to defines how much plotting space you have on your printer.
I find that i have a max X of about 205 and Y 180~
Ways to increase this would be to flip the acrylic bed around so that it slides into place to the right.
Also, flip the build plate upside down to avoid scratching your printing surface.

Place an A4 sheet of paper onto the build plate, sliding the edge of the paper underneath the head of the screw slightly.
Use Painters Tape or any other flat, high-adhesion tape to hold the paper in place, I'd recommend in 6 spots minimum.

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    Aaron Leslie
    Aaron Leslie

    Tip 4 months ago

    I did the same thing using clothespins with my CR-10. If you’re using Cura, check the Z-hop and set it to 2mm in the advanced settings. This will get rid of the lines it draws when it’s moving from one side of the drawing to the other.