Introduction: Ultimate Altoids Survival Tin

Hey guys! This is my entry for the Brave the Elements Contest. An Altoids tin has a lot of great uses, from phone chargers to storing coins etcetera, this is the Ultimate Altoids Survival Tin. This neat little Survival tin will get you out of some pretty tough situations and at about 2 dollars or nothing (depending on the supplies you have lying around, that makes this Survival Tin awesome)! Well what are we waiting for? Lets get started!

Step 1: Gathering the Supplies

Ok so first off you need

to get your survival supplies. I chose to use

1. Quitips

2. Neosporin- in heat shrink tubes, straws work just as well I just didn't have any on hand.

3. Needles- for anything from sewing to stitching up a bad cut.

4. Eye Drops- I have contacts so I got these because I had extra space but these are definitely optional!

5. String- Various types I used strong string and normal sewing string. These can be used also for fishing! By bending the needles into a hook shape you can catch something!

6. Wire- I used enameled magnet wire, this can be used for holding strong things or even electrically used.

7. Rubbing alcohol- This can be used for medicinal purposes or to easily start a fire.

8. Super Glue- This one can be used for cuts and more.

9. Fire Starter- In this Survival Tin I have 3 kinds of fire starters flint and steel (which can be taken out of the lighter, the actual lighter like lighter fluid lighter, and matches, good old fashion matches (these are in heat shrink)!

10. A Medican container, I used Grant Thompson The King of Random's idea the water bottle cap container. Props to him, He is a great inventor (something like that ;)) and I really like his ideas!

10. Last but not least 3 volt battery with a LED- This is just for a little light! I would recommend super bright white LEDs but this should work!

11. Later I added a hand wipe. Who knows when you'll need this but its good to have!

Step 2: Putting It All Together

Now you need to put it all together but before you need to know how to put the Neosporin into the heat shrink or straws. All you need to do is pinch one of the ends with pliers and then light a lighter and burn the ends. After that pinch the ends where you burned it with the pliers. Done!

Ok so try putting it together according to the picture! Then your done! Now you get be happy if you get into an accident! Just kidding!!! But seriously if you get in some kind of accident this kit could seriously save your life! Better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it!

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