Introduction: Ultimate Bic Airsoft Gun!

Forget all you have seen before! This is THE Bic airsoft gun. Not only does it have Semi-auto firing rate, but it also has a trigger mechanism that also stops ammo from falling out of your barrel when you tip it! Thats right, theres no worry about your ammo falling out, and you dont have to hold anything back untill you fire it. Just pull back, let go, and pull down.

***First Instructable***

*note* I started this like a year and a half ago and I forgot about it for so long. I had every stage cept the spaghetti gun and conclusion done, and im so glad i fianally decided to finish it! w00t!

UPDATE- I'm in the middle of another project right now. Its a big secret, but i havent seen anything quite like it anywhere. It's still in the design phase.

As of 3/ 13/ 09, it is in the prototype phase.

Step 1: Materials-

You will need:


*3 bic (round stic) pens
*two bic standard mechanical pencils(pencil #2 0.7 mm)
*3 medium thickness rubber bands
*one high thickness rubber band
*Duct tape
*airsoft pellets
*un-cooked spahgetti strands

*X-acto knife
*two hands. I only used one because i had to hold the camera, but you should use two.

Step 2: Step 1- Dismantle the Pen

This step will show you how to dismantle the pens properly.

Step 3: Making the Barrel

This step will explain how to cut all of the nessicary holes on the barrel. Use the X-acto knife to carve out the holes. Dont push too hard, the knife cuts through it like butter! Also make sure that there are no scraps sticking out into the pen, for it will stop or deflect the pellet. This is where you can use the drill to cut the holes. I didnt use the drill so I dont know how well it works.

Step 4: Making the Holder Things

This step will show you how to make the holders for the trigger and ammo clip.

1. Cut the tab thing off of the cap.
2. Cut the top end off of the cap.
3. Put 4 slices on the end of the cap on the oppisite side of where the tab thing was. (devide into quarters)
4. Duct tape on as shown in the picture.
5. Repeat with the other cap on the other hole.

Make sure that you test it and make sure the pellet drops through cleanly. Heres the link to Dorkfish92's "Duct Tape Keychain":

Step 5: Dismantle the Mechanical Pencil

Theres no easy way to explain this, so just use the pics. This is the step where scissors are an option. use them wherever you think it would be easier than using the knife.

Step 6: The Hammer / Launcher.

This step requires the two dis assembled pencils. Once again, use the pics.

Step 7: Make the Trigger

This step will show you how to make the trigger. This also is a bit hard to describe, so use the pics.

Step 8: Make the Ammo Clip

Ok, stuff the pen casing with the back end cap with airsoft pellets, and put it in the ammo clip holder.

Step 9: Finished! (or Are You...)

Done! But why not over achieve and turn it into a spaghetti shotgun! All you need is one of those mechanical pencil shells, the spaghetti strands (dry), and some duct tape!

Step 10: Spahgetti Gun Mod

This is a quick and easy mod for the gun that launches shards of dry spaghetti at your foes! I didnt have any spaghtetti at the time, so I cant show you the gun with the spaghetti in it. You operate it in the same way. You just dont need to listen for a bb dropping down.

Step 11: Now, Your'e Done!

Well, there you have it. Pretty much all the flaws in previous models have been solved. Any questions, comments, compliments (XD Cocky), or reccomendations/suggestions, post below.

P.S.- If your'e wondering, yes i actually do have real airsoft guns, I just like to improvise and mess around sometimes XD