Ultimate Bike Computer From an Old Smartphone

Introduction: Ultimate Bike Computer From an Old Smartphone

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turn your old android smartphone into the ultimate bike computer.

Step 1: Materials

1. android smartphone.
2. a way to mount it to your ride.
WiFi connection for setup and map download

software required.
digihub speedometer (available in Google play store)
Google maps. make sure it is up to date.
flashlight app.

Step 2: Bike Mount.

I got this out of my junk box but they are easily found for a dollar at most thrift stores or garage sales.
it is a basic clamping mount for a smartphone. secure it well and make sure it holds the phone tight.

Step 3: Download Digihub Speedometer.

get it at the play store.

this app is accurate and has lots of customization (color, units, etc)
also has an odometer and trip settings.

Step 4: Download Offline Maps of Your Area.

Open Google Maps.
Click offline maps.
Select the region you want to save in the phone and download.

Step 5: Set Your Screen to a Long Timeout

Go to your phone settings and set the screen timeout to maximum.
You can also go to developer options and set it to never turn off (until you manually press power to turn screen off)

Step 6: Setup the Overlay.

In digihub tap the screen for the menu bar and select window mode. This will make a widget for your speedometer so you can see it over the top of the maps app.

Step 7: Open Maps.

There it is. you have GPS maps of your riding area and a speedometer. You can drag the speedometer anywhere you want on the screen and resize it to your needs.

Step 8: Other Improvements and Flashlight App.

The flashlight app is for if your batteries die on your bike light.

I will reserve this step to add on cool features as I find them.

Step 9:

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    6 years ago

    That's pretty cool. It would be interesting to also add some ability to charge the phone from the motion of the bicycle wheels.

    ThriftStore Hacker
    ThriftStore Hacker

    Reply 6 years ago

    I have a 7 amp hour battery hooked to a solar panel. battery life is not an issue. It will be part of my electric trike 3.0 instructable. coming soon.


    6 years ago

    Thanks for the digiHUD tip - will check that out.

    RAM makes a variety of mounts. I have combined RAM parts with 3D printed parts. My favorite bike mount is this one:


    I have NO affiliation with RAM or GPSCITY or GARMIN, just sharing my experience.

    You zip tie this bracket to handlebars then twist on and off a separate plate. The plate has standard mounting holes for other RAM holders or you can print one or you can drill two holes and bolt it to something else.

    This one is best because it's very adaptable (stem mount or bar mount), lightweight, and you can remove your device when you park in 2 seconds. It's cheap enough ($9) to get one for each bicycle so you can switch it around.

    DONT get the RAM handlebar mounts that have screw clamp for a bicycle, they are bulkier heavier and often the wrong size.

    If you have a BLE (Bluetooth 4) phone you should be able to add a BLE heart rate monitor. HRM's are fun but also useful training tool esp if you can log the data for later analysis. I don't have one! Just a suggestion.

    I have Garmin stuff that uses ANT+ but that is RARE on smartphones. Pity. Cadence, heart rate, and temp sensors all work on ANT+ w my Garmin 62. Garmin jumped on ANT+ because it was the best thing back then now they are sort of stuck w it. Big plus for Garmin or other GPS instead of phone is (1) batteries last ALL DAY (2) screen is readable in direct sun (3) RAIN? Who cares? (4) HARD to break one - dropped off bike and car roof several times, not even scratched! Downside - $$ and you probably already have the phone!

    ThriftStore Hacker
    ThriftStore Hacker

    Reply 6 years ago

    Exactly. The $$$ factor is what I was avoiding. Great idea on the heart rate monitor and I will look into hooking one up.
    I am always looking for ways to re-purpose old things. Smartphones are powerful and plentiful. Lots of people have them sitting around doing nothing after upgrading.
    Seems a waste to not re-use a portable computer with a touch screen for something else if it's just gathering dust.