Introduction: Ultimate C8 Flashlight Mod!

An EXCELLENT mod for beginners. Learn how to make this long throwing
super flashlight for yourself. Its easy to do and budget friendly.

Step 1: Watch This Quick Video.

See all the needed components as well as how to implement them to maximize the lights potential.

Step 2: Choose a Host.

Any C8 flashlight will do, but it makes the build much easier if you get a decent quality one. I prefer the Convoy brand myself.

Step 3: Build the Light Engine.

Install a Cree XPL HI V3 and Mosfet driver into the DIY host.



If you need help soldering here are my instructables about that.


Reflow soldering :

Step 4: Bypass the Springs!

Don't skip this step. Metal springs are very high in resistance, so solder a piece of wire in the center to create an electrical bypass. Be sure to do this on the driver board base as well as the spring that is in the tail cap. Make sure you don't get the one in the tail too hot or you will melt the switch.

Step 5: Try It Out

Though this build is simple it's insanely powerful, and is sure to wow
you and your friends. If you build one of your own please let us know how it turned out.