Introduction: Ultimate Camping Bluetooth Speaker / LED Torch

Hi All.

This project was gradually evolving for last few months and it's still subject to improvements.

It has started from my old halogen torch with faulty battery. As usual I didnt want just to throw it into a bin , so I was thinking how to use it as housing for some new project.

Since I've figured it out that mirror has very similar diameter as my JBL speaker there was no turn back :)

Here it is- My new Camping Torch and Bluetooth Speaker in One.

Some of features are:

  • 100W Bluetooth amplifier
  • 50W LED torch (dimmable)
  • Cooling fan for LED chip
  • USB charging port / external memory slot
  • Detachable ir remote
  • Waterproof body
  • JBL speakers
  • Battery indicator
  • Massive capacity battery pack

Step 1: Speakers

Speakers that I used came from JBL Control series (they're two way high output indoor outdoor monitors)

I've decided to install tweeters on both sides of the torch, later I've 3d printed better looking rings to cover screws and wires. I was considering of using only one of car type speaker (two coils) but for purpose of sound quality I kept JBLs. It was my intension to make proper use of water proof body so I kept rubber seals, power button and charging port. Wires going to tweeters and remote receiver are sealed too. Battery pack, Bluetooth amp and DC-DC converters are secured inside,

Step 2: Battery Pack and Bluetooth Module

Battery that was originally installed in my torch was faulty and I could not use it. It was also not strong enough and voltage was too low. I had to make new one myself.

I had spare 36v battery pack from my self balancing scooter, it was more power than enough! I've open it and removed some cells (samsung 18650s) to reduce size and voltage. After this my battery was 27v and 4400mAh, enough power to play music for few days non stop. I've also used original BMS board for balanced charging.

Bluetooth module is TPA3116 2X 50W. I choosed this board because it has USB port and remote. It mean that I can use my speaker to charge smartphones and play music directly from USB memory sticks. Extension USB wire is running inside the body all the way to the end of the swivel handle and has rubber cap to close when not in use.

Step 3: Remote, Battery Indicator

I didn't want to make any unnecessary holes so using IR remote was best solution.

3d designed and printed tray is located on top of the body. It is possible to operate speaker without taking remote out of tray. IR receiver is just in front of tray.

Small window in tray contain battery indicator. There is many types of them available online. My one is showing battery capacity, current, voltage, power cosumption, remaining power and estimated time to run out of juice.

You can see here new housing for tweeters, also 3d printed.

At this stage speaker was ready and it sounds incredibly good and loud.

However something was still missing...

Step 4: LED Torch

Led Torch

This was my last addon and it's still not at it's final stage. It is extremaly bright but NOT waterproof yet.

Led chip was taken from 50W floodlight. Chip itself is about 45mm diameter and requires big radiator. To reduce size of radiator I had to use one with cooling fan. Some old broken graphic card was very useful.

Most tricky part was to work with different voltages. Battery is 27-29V, it's perfect for Bluetooth amp. LED chip is 19-46v and cooling fan is only 12v.

I had to use two of DC-DC converters. Big one to power LED chip and tiny one to reduce voltage for cooling fan.

DC-DC LED converter have two precise potentiometers, one for voltage and second for current. I set up voltage one just below minimal power required to glow LED chip. Additional 5k standard potentiometer is added in parraler with the one on the board. It's used to increase voltage and its located on the torch handle.

Second precise potentiometr is set up to give max 1000mA which mean LED chip is not over powered and does not get too hot.

Cone of the main speaker has shape of the mirror so best thing to do was to paint it with metalic spray.

For better light focus LED chip is faced down and reflected by the now metalic like speaker.

Cooling fan is automaticly turned on together with light.

Due to high power of the LED chip I found it most handy to use it at about 50% , inside the tents it's about 15%

I hope you enjoyed this instructable and found some inspiration out of it.

So pack your bags, grab your torch/speaker and go camping like I love to do.

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