Introduction: Ultimate Mancave Coffee Table From Recycled Materials

Here is how you can update your mancave with an awesome coffee table basically for free!!!! I just used old materials that were thrown out and headed for the landfill. Excuse the mess in the back of the garage. I am doing several projects at once. This is my first project to ever build out of wood or stain so this project should be easy for anyone to build.

Materials Needed:

Pieces of old hardwood flooring. (number of pieces and width will determine the size of your table) You can sometimes get these from an old house that is being renovated. Just look around the neighborhood, or you could use new pieces if you want, but they are not free.

2- Small wire spools- you can pick these up from a electrical store or a cable company. They usually throw them out and are happy for you to take them.


Stain of your choice(I used what was left over from a previous project)

Circular saw
Jig Saw
Tape measure
Hammer or Nail Gun
Paint Brush or roller

1. Start with your flooring. I used some old distressed pieces that were leftover from a
 house that was being torn down. Take your flooring pieces and and lay them on a flat surface to get  the pattern that you want for your table. I chose a rugged look to match my old warehouse look of my mancave.

2. Measure out the max length and width your table will be. After you get the size of your table top measure the sizes of the tops of your wire spools. Cut off the outside edges and ends to accomodate the table top.

3. Lay your flooring out on top of your wirespools. Allow about two inches of overhang on every side.

4. Attach the first board with a nail gun or a hammer and nails. I used one nail on each end of my boards since they are close to 100 years old and I did not want to damage them too bad.

5. Use a rubber hammer to tap the next floor board into the groove of the first nailed on board. Nail this board on now. Repeat step five until all boards are on the table top.

6. Next I installed a small square board on the bottom of the top circles of the spools for support.

7. I then sanded my table top with a medium grade sandpaper to bring out some of the grains in the wood.

8. After sanding I decides that I wanted to make the circles on the bottom of the spools smaller. I measured the bottom diameter of the spool and then I measured the distance from the edge of the spool to the support beam. I turned the table over and I marked one inch shorter from the edge  to the support beam. This gave me a circle one inch larger than the support beams.

9. I then cut out the circle with a jig saw.

10. After I got my circles cut I flipped the table over and got ready to stain.

11. Roll the stain on the legs and wipe them down. It will take a stain soaked rag to get in the cracks

12. Roll the top then wipe it down, also a rag will help here with the small cracks.

13.  Set it out in the sun and let it dry.

And there you have it, an extremely cheap really cool and manly coffee table you can prop your feet up on. Stay tuned for pics of the whole man cave coming soon, it is almost complete, hidden door and all.

If I won the Epilog laser cutter I would start by making some awesome coasters for Mable followed by some cool signs to hang around the man cave.