Introduction: Ultimate Minecraft Prison

in this ible i will teach you how to make a great jail in Minecraft PC using command blocks it will

  • teleport player to room preferably bedrock
  • change gamemode to survival
  • and clear inventory!

Step 1: Layout

so first you need to place three command blocks right next to each other. then place redstone where shown and add a lever or other power source.

Step 2: Command Number One

in the first command block we will type a command that teleports the player to our jail using this command: tp @a x y z replce the X with your X coord and the Y with Y coord and so on. also you may replace @a with @r @p or @e

Step 3: Second Command

for the second command block we will be using a command that will clear the specified players inventory. clear @a

also please use the same @ command as the first block.

Step 4: Last Command!

for the last command we will change the gamemode to survival. gamemode s @a

Step 5: Done!

all done! above is a picture or me in my jail after i executed all the commands.

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