Introduction: Ultimate Paracord Survival Bracelet

I was digging through my box of paracord bits and found a bunch of odds and ends left over from when I made Altoids tin survival kits. I decided to put some of these various things into a paracord bracelet to make the ultimate paracord survival bracelet . This is by no means a new idea, but I decided to make it my own by tweaking the contents of the bracelet to my specific needs, which will make it more useful in an actual survival situation. Paracord bracelets similar to this one sell for as much as $60 so it will also save you a considerable amount of money.

Step 1: Gathering the Needed Supplies

Of course there are the usual things that you need to make a paracord bracelet:

  1. The paracord you plan to use
  2. Something to cut the paracord with, I am just using my pocket knife
  3. Matches or lighter to burn the ends of your paracord
  4. A buckle (optional)

Then there are all the survivalist goodies I am going to put inside it. This is the list I came up with after much contemplation and research, however this is totally up to you. Feal free to tweak it to fit the specific situations you will likely encounter.
  1. 30' of 10 pound test fishing line
  2. 1 fish hook
  3. 1 straight edge razor blade
  4. 1 military surplus P-52 can opener
  5. 1 flint rod fire starter
  6. Some electrical tape
  7. Emergency whistle buckle
  8. Two 8" zip ties
  9. 1 Needle and about 10 feet of thread

Step 2: Making the Bracelet

The first thing I did was layout everything to see what would be the most efficient use of space. I stacked the can opener, fish hook, sewing kit, and razor blade on top of each other and wrapped the whole thing in electrical tape to hold it together.  I then attached the paracord to the buckle using the double hitch method. I personally think that a double hitch looks much better than a single hitch. I then began making the cobra weave, tying the zip ties into the core of the bracelet. When I had gotten about a quarter of the way finished I began weaving in the the fishing line and a little further on I weaved in the bundle of goodies wrapped in electrical tape. I then made a second pass to form a king cobra weave. I think this made it look much better.

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