Introduction: Ultimate Potato Toolkit!

I made some potato tools in tinkercad to make cooking with potatoes easy and enjoyable. The STL files will be linked below, and lets get into the instructable!



The 3D printed tools

Step 1: Download and Slice!

Step 2: Potato Dicer!

The potato dicer well, dices potatoes. It looks like a waffle thing. Its pretty simple to use, as the only preparation you need is to wash it and slice it into thick slices. Then, you push it on. The pedestal looking thing can be used to hammer the potato in. It was originally made to make french fries, but a huge thick potato sliding through some 0.5mm plastic blades? That didn't work very well, but it's great for dicing! Back to the potatoes. What do you do with the cubes? I don't know. Tiny french fries maybe? To clean the dicer, all you need to do is get a real pipe cleaner, not a craft one, and scrub. Then you can rinse. It's a bit tedious, but its not worth throwing away the entire dicer and printing a new one, is it? Go to step 4 for instructions on how to use it.

Step 3: Slicing Guide.

Use this to get really evenly sliced potatoes! Use it for the dicer or just for making slices for other things. It's really simple to use, as all you do is push the potato onto the spikes, and then stick the knife in between the 'arms' of the slicing guide. It's pretty easy to clean up, as it's a pretty open structure. Be careful, as the spikes aren't too strong. Also, yours might look a bit different, because I tweaked the design.

Step 4: Using the Cutter

Lets cut the potatoes! You didn't waste filament for nothing, did you? So, step one is simple. Wash your potatoes. Step two: Slice them into 1/3 inch slices, or however tall you want your cubes. Now comes the fun part! Put the slice onto the grid of the cutter, and use the smasher to mash that slice in. If the potato slice is too big, feel free to slice it smaller. It will make a lot of cubes. You can stack a bunch of cubes into the cutter, but it will get a little harder each layer of cubes you add. After you think you are done, or the dicer is full, you can poke each hole with a chopstick. The potato should fall out easily. You can repeat or put the potato cubes away. Just remember that if the potatoes are just left in the fridge, they will oxidize and brown. So, you might want to soak it in water, which will prevent browning, and make it crispier when cooked.

Step 5: Cooking!

To cook the potatoes, just throw them into a pan with a bit of oil, that's been heated on medium heat. After 5 or so minutes, or once its a bit brown, add in seasonings to taste. I added salt, pepper, and paprika. After another 3 minutes, they should be done. They should be soft and browned. They're great by themselves, or with rice.

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