Introduction: Rainbow LEDs for Your Projects

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Hi everyone!

I have been using these LEDs for many decorative projects and the result is always amazing so I want to share my experiences with you

I saw many people buying RGB LED strip controllers and using like 3 or 5 on color changing mode just to achieve the different color effect on some spots it is just a lot of wiring and it also takes some space even if you using mini version of RGB LED strip controller

but you can achieve the same effect with just a single LED with an integrated chip which is much cheaper and smaller than a controller with one cuttable segment of RGB LED strip

of course, you can't set color which you want on these LEDs but it is all about color changing effect


  • diffused RGB LEDs (listings says flashing but it is changing from one to another color)
  • battery holder (any 3V power source)
  • some wire
  • soldering iron
  • and some project suitable for rainbow lighting :)

Step 1: Simplest Way

the simplest way how to light up your project is just to connect this LED to 3V coin cell as CR2032 which has the perfect size to just slide LED on it

this method is suitable for someone who doesn't have a soldering iron or just wants to save some time or space

of course LED on small battery as this won't work werry long

Step 2: Better Way

I usually using AA batteries which will last a few days or even weeks it depends on the quality of cells

use some 2x AA battery holders of your choice and solder LEDs on it using some wires (I used thin enameled copper wire from old motor which I twisted together)

Step 3:

I used a compact way to attach LEDs on a wire so you can get some inspiration

  • twist LED pins in approximately 45° angle to make as big area as it is possible under LED and cut them
  • solder wires on little legs and you can put some hot glue on it to make LEDs waterproof
  • you can also attach little neodymium magnets for attaching LEDs on metal surfaces just keep in mind you need to leave some glue layer between the magnet and LED pins otherwise you may end up shorting pins with a magnet (magnet could be attracted through hot glue to metal pins)

Step 4: And You Are Done

just find some suitable project or place to use these LEDs

good luck :)

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