Introduction: Ultimate Stormtrooper Upgrade

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This is  ultimate Stormtrooper upgrade. This instructable has the detailed installation of night vision , amplified hearing , cooling system , both audio and video transmitters for sending audio and video data to another storm trooper, It  also has a smart gun link through the glove with its own video camera and night vision illumination. (thus allowing the Stormtrooper to safely and accurately fire around corners)

However please take a look at my posting here with the lion mask with night vision to pick up on the component details of the vision system . in this case I used only one camera and one micro TFT display . the listing also shows the details for the amplified hearing
for you to build

The wiring is basic stuff, don't let it daunt you. there is just a lot of it. I am willing to help people who are interested in
building out your own trooper gear. Most of the components are readily available via EBAY or Radio shack.

Total cost to build this upgrade will run you about 950.00 (without the armor ) And I can offer kit hardware for the video system if you
don't want to tackle it yourself.

The Rebels should count their blessings that THIS Stormtrooper was not on the scene.

The full breakdown for this build is like this. 

Full cooling for the head , chest , back and neck.
Color vision as well as IR illuminated night vision to 50 feet
Amplified hearing with auto squelching for loud noises (hear a whisper across a room)
Smartgun , Camera in the weapon. this is switchable between the helmet cam and the gun
( I later added a 3 watt IR led to the gun as well. )
Radio transmission of video (including gun cam )  and audio to another trooper on 4.4 ghz transmitter with about a mile radius
microphone static effects and transmission through the transmitter.

And lastly ...... Inputs for  video IPOD . yes , I can watch Star Wars in the helmet. And transmit those too.

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed this instructable !


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