Introduction: Ultimate Voice Controlled Home Automation System | DIY | Make Alexa Control Anything !

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Here is the Demonstration of the Project :

Home automation allows us to control household electrical appliances like light, door, fan, AC etc.The main objective of home automation and security is to help handicapped and old aged people who will enable them to control home appliances and alert them in critical situations. Home automation not only refers to reduce human efforts but also energy efficiency and time saving.

This project put forwards the implementation of home automation using ESP8266-12E microprocessor and Echo Dot. Home appliances are connected to Relay Board which is in turn connected to ESP 8266. The System can be easily customized ie. based on your requirement all the switch and modes can be modified. The instructable has been made keeping in mind that any Tech - Enthusiastic can make it without much efforts.

The concept of controlling home appliances using human voice is interesting. The proposed system has three main components, they are (a) voice recognition system, and (b) processing the voice command (c) Triggering the corresponding relay. With the use of PC (personal computers), internet, mobile phone and wireless technology, it has made it easy for a user to remotely access and control the appliances.

The main aim of our system is to build a perfect companion for someone to be at home. Generally, home automation research targeted many needs, like applications that provide the luxury and smart requirements while some threw light on the special needs for elderly and disabled etc. our system is a computer based system that can accept voice command & process them.

Step 1: Basics of Home Automation : How It Works | Configure Switches

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In Step 1, we need to understand the Basics of Home Automation & How to Create Switches in Sinric & Amazon.

Watch Detailed Instructions here :

Step 2: Connect Your ESP 8266 12E With Relay Boards

Next, we will learn how to wire your ESP 8266 with Relay Board.

Watch detailed Instruction here :

Step 3: Basics of Home Wiring | How to Connect Your Existing Switches With Relay Board

In Step 3, we will learn how to wire your existing switches with Relay Board.

Watch detailed Instruction here :