Introduction: Ultimate Woodturners Tool Handle

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In this Instructable i will show you how to take an old drill chuck from an old drill and make a Ultimate wood turners tool handle that can be used on the lathe or as a super cool screwdriver

NOTE >you will need to take the drill apart by removing all the screws and take apart the transmission to get the chuck with the shaft still attached (you might need to cut some parts with hacksaw to get it off ) video on that soon


1- old drill to take apart to get the drill chuck off

2- some scrap wood ,and wood glue

3- a wood lathe ,lathe tools ,

4-some epoxy

5- sandpaper,

6- some kind of finish i used spray lacquer

Step 1: Getting a Drill Chuck

you will need a drill chuck out of a old drill

take apart the drill any way you can without messing up the chuck

after you do this you should have something like this chuck in pic 2 and 3

Step 2:

now you will need some scrap wood to make a custom handle

I used some maple and walnut and ran it through my planer

my measurements are -

2 1/2 inches wide and 18 inches long

I used 5 layers to make up my handle blank

4 are 3/8 thick and one in the center is 3/4 inches thick

you can make yours any size to fit your needs

Step 3: Cutting Length

I cut my pieces to length at the miter saw to 18 inches long

Step 4: Glue Up Blank

I glued up the pieces in a cool pattern and clamped them over night for the glue to dry completely

Step 5: Trimming and Drilling

after the glue dried i trimmed the ends with the chop saw to even them up

then using a mt2 drill chuck in my lathe i put a 1/2 inch forstner bit in to make a recess in one end of the blank then using a 3/8 forstner bit i drilled 3 inches in for the chuck to fit tight

then i used epoxy to glue in the chuck to my blank

Step 6: Epoxy the Chuck

then i used epoxy to glue in the chuck in the hole of my blank

Step 7: Turning the Handle

i mount a drill bit in the chuck and mount it to my chuck in my lathe to turn the handle

i use a spindle gouge to turn the blank round and then turn it to a size that fits my hand

Step 8: The Funnest Part in the Shop

after i like the size and shape its time for everyone's favorite thing


i used some 150 sanding belt to do this step and i took it to 220

Step 9: Applying a Finish

i used a spray lacquer for the finish but you can use any finish you like

Step 10: And There U Have It

and that's all

now you can use it with any tool that fits

check out my video to see what i do with mine

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Step 11: Use You Ultimate Woodturners Tool Handle

install a drill bit or a 3/8 lathe carbide tipped tool or use it as a screw driver make it your own and have fun

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