Introduction: Ultimate Workshop Stool

Well this is my Workshop stool made from a single 2x4 of 12 feet long

Wach the video

It has

  • Built in vise
  • BenchDogs
  • Magnetic strip
  • Extension support for mittersaw
  • Saddle Bag For tools and screws

It takes about 1 day to built and some scrap from my shop

i think the most difficult part is the end of the vise to make the ACME screw turn it taka about 2 hours to figure ot what i was doing XD

The aproximated cost of the project was $20 USD and some scrap pipe

Im glad to hear your comments

Sorry for the bad english it is not my native language.

Step 1: The Vise

The vise have a 5/8 ACME Screw with a ACME screw coupler inserted by pressure into 3 layers of 3/4 inch plywood

The tubing on the sides of the screw prevent prom rolling the moving part theay are 5/8 diameter

The handle have a welded knob witha a hole to put the handle also a machined washer screwed to the wood this pull out the moving part when you untwist the screw

Step 2: BenchDogs

The bench dogs are made form aluminium 1 inch on the superior part and 3/4 inch on the inferior part also I milled onse side flat to make the grip to the atached pice

Step 3: Extension Support

This Extension suport is just one of the pieces of the top splited in hal and with 2 5/8 tubing

Step 4: Saddle Bags

The saddle bag are made from scrap cloth

Step 5: Enjoy

I always said ultimate in my projects , At least for me when I get out for ideas to adding atachments to my multitool creations

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