Ultimate Opensource Computerized Slidee Carriage Contruction (part 2)




Introduction: Ultimate Opensource Computerized Slidee Carriage Contruction (part 2)

This is the complete tutorial for construction of the Slidee carriage. The construction photos, Slidee controller circuit and software can be downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/projects/slidee and you are invited to add and enhance this opensource project.

Sources for aluminum beam and mounting blocks: servocity.com
Miniature bearings: vxb.com
Screws etc:  Local hardware store
Spacers: amazon.com (search "spacers")

Equipment needed
1) A hacksaw or a low speed Miter/Chop saw with metal cutting blade
2) Screwdriver
3) Hand drill or Power drill
4) Drill bits
6) Felt tip pen/Pencil
8) Countersink or deburring tool

Music sound tracks are by incompetech.com

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You're still knocking me over with your top shelf Instructables... Great job. Keep up the good work.