Ultra Lord Action Figure From Jimmy Neutron

Introduction: Ultra Lord Action Figure From Jimmy Neutron

Ever thought why they didn't make a poseable Ultra Lord? I made this figure because I could not find an Ultra lord except on amazon along with the other jimmy neutron characters in an adventure set that costed about $250-$500 brand new sealed or used. I wasn't going to waste my money just to get the mini figure. So I decide to put my crafting skills to work to make and replicate the action figure that Sheens obsessed with in Jimmy Neutron.

Step 1: Materials Needed

- spider-man mega bloks micro fig with the ball joints (first version before articulated waist) -Craylola model magic clay -paint (acrylic) -paper clip for armature - wire cutters plilers and card stock

Step 2: Know How the Character Looks From Its Features

I took some screenshots viewing parts of his body off of YouTube videos and when I rented the movie Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius off iTunes cheap for $3.99 in HD. When I rented the movie I took the screenshots I needed for the box that Sheen shows UltraLord during show and tell for his box and some of his details on on his arms and the rest of the body. Don't worry I still watched the full movie, I didn't waste my money, it was still worth the $3.99.

Step 3: Mold the Top Armor on His Chest and Back

Before making the armor, take the head off the spider man and cut the ball joint for the neck. Next mold the top armor and back detail into shape.

Step 4: Modify the Waist, Make the Legs

Remove the legs with ball jointed legs before making any changes to waist. Now it's time to modify the waist to make it shorter and look just UltraLords. Take your wire cutters and cut the back and front part of his waist up to the end line where the waist pegs into place. Mold waist into place, don't forget to use a picture as reference. Next mold parts of the leg into pieces of four going by the photo of how his legs look. Next I took my wire cutters and cut two rods of paperclip to form the arm mature for the legs. I stuck the arm mature very carefully Into the legs without ruining any details. Lastly, I stuck the legs into his waist to test them out to make sure he stands straight.

Step 5: Head and Arms

I modded the elbows to look like UltraLords with a razor blade. I Popped the Spider-Man hands out and put crazy glue in the wrists. Next, I molded the gloves over arms and add the fists. Now it's time for the head. I took a picture for reference for his head and started sculpting his head.

Step 6: Test Out the Pieces

I put everything together and saw how the final product was going to look. I didn't glue this yet.

Step 7: Paint the Pieces

I had to mix various colors to get the purple color that UltraLord wears in jimmy Neutron. The light blue lining was pretty hard to try to make again after drying. I couldn't store the blue paint because I ran out of paint buckets on my previous projects. I drew the outline on the areas where I was going to paint. I was going to make the belt buckle separate,until I said to myself that I was not going to take longer on UltraLord. So I painted on buckle with reference from a photo. I let everything dry on various things such as erasers and paperclip stands. When the paint dried I put some crazy glue on the elbow and snapped it in place. I started moving it back and forth until the glue was dry.

Step 8: Ultra Lords All Finished

Step 9: The Box

I used the screenshots of the box, edited, pasted and modified all into one box template. I was going to print it out on card stock first, but on my last project when I did this the ink got on my fingers and almost ruined it. So I went simple. I printed out the package and covered it with clear packing tape and pasted the template to the card stock. I cut out the package, folded to shape glued all together and made sure the figure fits in the box. The image for box is coming soon

Step 10: Time for Show and Tell

Show all your friends and tell them he is highly collectible. Just don't show him seven weeks in a row for show and tell just like Sheen did.

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