Introduction: Ultra Paracord Bracelet

Step 1: What U Need

16 feet of paracord, 1 large buckle, and a lighter

Step 2: Beginning the Bracelet

First u " fold" your paracord in half without any twists or kinks

Then u put the end with the loop into the forked side of the buckle

Make a larks head knot around the buckle

Then u take the other ends and put them through the other buckle

Now measure your wrist and make the length from the tips of the buckles 1 inch longer than your measurement

Step 3: The Knot

First u make the first stitch by making a overhand knot around the two center cords

Then flip it upside down and make another overhand knot

Then u take the cord going upwards and u pass it under the first cord, over the next two and under the last one then u take the other cord and go over the first cord, under the next two and crossing the other one, over the last cord pull tight and push up reapeat until you reach the other end

Step 4: Finishing the Bracelet

To finish the bracelet you need to tuck the cords under the loops then cut or u can pull really tight and then cut and fuse with the lighter

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