Ultra Portable Microfiber Screen Cleaner (laptop/notebook)

Introduction: Ultra Portable Microfiber Screen Cleaner (laptop/notebook)

I am accustomed to loosing many of my tools and such, so the idea occurred to me why not make a laptop Ultra Portable Microfiber Screen Cleaner that fits in to my pc card slot. This idea could be applied to any pc card slot on any laptop this just happened to be what was in my laptop (hp DV6000).

Microfiber cloth
Cardboard (in my case thin cardboard from cereal box worked good, it will depend on your pc card)
Needle (for the thread)
Glue (maybe)

Step 1: Find Your Type of Pc Card

Find your type of pc card or find the current card inside. This remote (that I never use) was in my card slot so I used it for the next step.

Step 2: Trim Thin Cardboard to Size

Now just use the card as a stencil for both the thin cardboard and microfiber sheet.

Step 3: Stick Microfiber and Cardboard Together.

I did not bother using glue (not a bad idea) I just took the time to use thread. You will probably need to use thread, that should press hard on the edges, this should make sure bits don't fall in to your laptop. If you have skills then it may be good to try hemming the cloth, unfortunately I lack those skills.

Step 4: Make a Loop, Done!

Find a way to make a loop or tab so you can pull it out of the slot and that's all folks!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I tied the cloth down fairly tight so it only sticks to the cardboard. I do not have a door over my slot, it just has a spring powered at the back to it. So many people complain at school when they have a dirty screen and I just pull out my microfiber card and wham clean screen


    12 years ago on Step 4

    You choice of cardboard is not lost on me, but does "High in Fiber" really apply to your "Micro"fiber solution? I have a door covering the slot, does your cloth ever get stuck?