Introduction: Ultra-Portable Micro Usb Charger With Strap

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Is your phone battery running low and you are far from your charger? Not any more. You can create your own ultra-portable charger by modding an iphone charger. Keep your phone charged wherever your are, simply by adding your charger to your keys.

Step 1: Opening the Iphone Charger and Desoldering

First of all, you must have a basic knowledge of electronics and how to use a soldering iron. I don't have any responsibility if you harm yourself by modding your charger.

Ok, now open your charger and desolder the C4 capacitor, the D2 diode ,the ZD1 zener diode, the four resistors below the USB connector (R0, R6, R7, R8) and the USB connector itself. We won't resolder those four resistors but take care of the rest of the components that we desoldered.

Step 2: Cutting and Resoldering

You have to cut the piece of the pcb where the usb connector was placed. Solder the ZD1 and D2 like in the photos (watchout for the polarity). Solder a piece of wire to the positive leg of the capacitor in order to make it longer. Now solder the capacitor like i did in the photos and add the jumper that i forgot (black line).

Step 3: Creating the Case

After you have finished cutting and resoldering, find an old power supply and cut the AC connector from its base. Trim the connector like in the photos, plug it to your charger, cut a piece of a flat heat shrinking tube and heat it until it forms to the shape of the connector and the charger.

Step 4: Connecting Everything Together

I was able to install a 30cm long cable to my charger (cutted from an old IDE pc cable and soldered into a micro usb male connector) but you can also try other types of cables (watchout of the charger's 1 Ampere). Plus goes to the D2-C4 connection and minus to the jumper that we added. After cutting the plastic case of the iphone's charger with your dremel, use 1mm PVC and aluminum ,or other type of tape, in order to achieve a smoother result. Add a strap to your charger and there you go, you got an ultra-portable charger that measures 52x35x14 mm and has a 30 cm wire.

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