Introduction: Ultra-Slim Duct Tape Card Holder!

This is a little card holder i got bored and made today, and decided to make into an instructable!  Hope you enjoy!

Step 1: Materials!

You'll need:

1. Scissors
2. Duct tape (any color will do)
3. Note cards (for support)
4. Cards for sizing
5. A bit of patience of course!

Step 2: Measuring Time

First, take one of your cards, and cut a note card to its size.  The note cards are used for support so that the holder will stay rigid even when there are no cards in it.  You don't need the note card inserts, but i like the extra support!  Cut 4 note cards to the size of your cards. 

Next, measure out 4 strips of duct tape, each one a little longer than two cards next to each other long ways (i used the cut note cards to measure)  Put two strips together at the right width for a card, making two big strips made up of two original strips of tape.

as far as width of the holder, unfortunately strips of duct tape are about 1/4 of an inch short of being perfect matching width of a card, so you'll have to use two layered strips as shown.

Step 3: Tape+cards

Now, with your strip of two Duct Tape pieces being the perfect length, it's time to add the note card inserts.  (you don't have to have these if you dont want)

stick the note card pieces where your cards would go in the holder, with space in the middle for the fold.  After you've got the card inserts in, lay your other strip of tape over the top, sandwiching the cards between both strips.  You can cut the ends clean with the scissors for a nice finish on the end.

Step 4: Pockets!

So for the pockets, it depends on how much of your card you want showing.  Take your two remaining note card pieces and cut them to length.  Again this is how much you want your pockets to cover your card, so i cut around 3/4 of an inch off.

cover these pieces in dict tape on one side.  Then, once these are covered on one side, place the small pocket piece at the end of the holder, end to end, and lay a strip of tape over the tops of both pieces to connect the flap to the body.

Next, fold the pocket piece over and into the inside of the holder.  I then put a large piece of tape perpendicular to the holder over the pocket piece to make it a true pocket.  Notice the small strips i added to the perpendicular piece so that the cards in your holder won't get sticky gunk on the sides of them and get stuck in the holder.  Take the ends of the perpendicular piece and fold them over to the outside of the holder and stick them there.  You can make the pocket looser for more or less cards.  I fit up to 6 in one pocket before it broke the duct tape :)

You'll have to experiment with the little strips that allow for better slide of the card.  Sometimes they can get a little gunky and torn :( That's what i get for using generic duct tape!

Repeat this on the other side of the holder in mirrored fashion!

Step 5: All Done!

Now marvel at your new creation!

Look at how much more compact and thin this is than an average bi-fold wallet!  This is great for slipping into your pocket next to your phone, instead of having your wallet take up an entire pocket.  You could even add a space for cash into the holder!  As for me, i don't carry cash usually, so i just opted for the card spaces.

There are several things still left to do though!  I put mine in a big book with some weight on the top to make sure that it stays nice and flat and to put a nice crease in the duct tape where the holder folds.

Also, as you can see in the pictures, i added two more strips of black tape (gorilla tape) on either side in order to give it some other color, and to hide the ends of the perpendicular strip that holds the pocket on.

Even i your cards are hard to take in and out of the holder, fret not!  Over time, the material will stretch and settle, allowing for easier card pulling.  just like wearing in a new shoe!

Thanks for tuning in! Hope you enjoyed this instructable!  If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to post! :)

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