Ultra Supple Bus - Give Connections a New Breath

Introduction: Ultra Supple Bus - Give Connections a New Breath

This project aims at preventing a connection from external impacts. It is composed of two ports complementary to those used in the connection and a flexible part (a spring). The two ports and linked using wires which come through the spring.

It is made up of a tension spring, a male & a female USB port and a receiver piece for each port. Those receiver pieces were 3D printed. The backlash between the receiver pieces and the port is tight. The two end pieces which are used to weld the ports with a plate (not the wires) have been cut.

The backlash and the assembly are the two biggest problems of this project. The most difficult part is to choose the wire length : the system must be able to move but must take less place as possible.

This prototype is fully operational. Its price is almost 5€ (5$) (homemade).
This system can be easily adapted to other ports (jacks, SCART, VGA, ect...), customized or even embedded to computers.

More informations : http://l0uis.perso.sfr.fr/en/projects/ultra-supple-bus.html
Presentation video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-6jXQo414c
Thingsiverse : http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:118749

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