Ultra-fast Mr. Bacon

Introduction: Ultra-fast Mr. Bacon

Meet Mr. Bacon. He's one of my signature modifications. Normally this little piggy went to the market (just kidding...) Actually he is going to the market a little faster. Normally he runs on 2 AA's, producing 3 volts,while mine runs on a 3.7 volt lipo, but my charger runs a little bit higher, and the cell is outputting around 4 volts. About a 1 volt upgrade. May not seem like much, but it is.

Step 1: Get Your Hands on a Lipo

This may either be the easiest or the hardest step. I am using a 120 mAh battery, mainly because it fit. You can use Ultrafires or trustfires, but with a dud so you don't burn out the motors. If you are adventurous enough, you *could* put in a 7.4 volt lipo.

Step 2: Secure It (optional)

If you are using a raw lipo, you will need to secure the battery. I just used some scotch tape, but most likely you will need to tape the battery in. Also, definitely make sure your connections are secure. One time, mine only worked upside-down!

Step 3: Test and Test Sone More

This step may be quite self-descriptive. Secure the plate, and flick on.

Step 4: The Bad

If you, like me, do an annual pig race, this may be outlawed. Sadly, for me it is. This is only my personal pig. Also, I am not responsible for any harm you inflict upon yourself (Lipos can be dangerous!) or the pig (burn the motors). As mentioned before, this pig is my personal pig, and I might start the outlawed pig races.

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