Introduction: Ultra Light Tent for Bike Camping @TechShop

This is an ultra light tent all made out of things found in the trash for long distance bike rides where guerrilla camping is called for. Perfect for wandering the waste land after everything come crashing down! humble beginnings here at TechShop Detroit This was the first project I made at here! 

Step 1: Get Your Materials

First go diggin in the recycling and get yourself some plastic bottles

Step 2:

then throw it in the vise and cut off the top of it w a hacksaw

Step 3: Drill Your Cap

put a nice big hole in it

Step 4:

Step 5: Cut the Bag

cut your heavy duty garbage bag along 2 seams so it opens twice as big along it's length

Step 6: Tape the Bag

put a piece of clear tape on 1 side of the back to reinforce it. make it point in the direction of the main vector of force when you're stringing up your tent to trees or stakes

Step 7: Make a Gromet

put the threads of your cap under the bag

Step 8: Finish the Grommet

then screw the cap on and stab it w some scissors. now you can tie a string thru the cap and yank on it w/o tearing up the bag

Step 9: String Her Up!

add an under tarp to stay off the wet ground and string your tent up from 6 places. 2 along the center line and four on each corner

Step 10: Fold Up for Packing

roll it up and wrap it w one of the strings and it stows away small

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