Introduction: UltraBuggyBot - Robot Controlled Using Ultrasonic Sensors

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Hi There ! I'm Ed and This is my first ever instructable.

DISCLAIMER: I am not sponsored by redfern electronics I just use them often as I am UK based!

This is a small ,cheap and affordable project that you can make in just an hour!

This is a really simple project and I intended so that younger people could make it on simpler micro-controllers , and more experienced people could make it on an Arduino or their preferred micro controller.

This is in a way wirelessly controlled as you use your hands as a controller!

Step 1: What You Will Need


  1. Two Ultra-Sonic distance sensors. I used the SR04

  2. A pair of geared 6V motors

  3. A pair of Wheels to go with them (Make sure they fit with the motors!)

  4. A trackball (Sorry I don't no where to find one.)

  5. A box to mount this in , I used a cheap perspex box I had lying around

  6. A micro controller either an Arduino or a simpler one , I used a crumble

  7. Either Jumper cables or Croc-Clips depending on your micro-controller

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

  • Drill- either hand or electric
  • Hold glue Gun
  • Hands
  • An old screwdriver
  • A sharp point to make a hole through the perspex

Thats It! Fairly Basic Project!

Step 3: Prepare Your Box!

First Make sure that the motors will fit in the box, so that you don't ruin a perfectly usable box!

Put your Box horizontally and puncture a small hole towards one side of the shorter end then make it bigger with a screwdriver so that the motor shaft can fit through. Repeat this on the other short side of the box.

In the end you should have a box that has two holes which the motor shaft can fit through.

If you wanted to you could hollow out a bigger hole and insert a switch to turn the circuit on and off.

Step 4: Glue Down Components. :D

It's time to glue in your components so get your glue gun ready!

Firstly make sure your croc clips / jumper leads are connected accordingly to ensure that they are connected when they are glued down.

Firstly glue in the motors. Obviously make sure that the shaft is through the hole we made earlier ;)

Once the glue is set put the distance sensors on top of the motor and glue them down.

Finally glue down the battery pack and your micro-controller if you want to!

Step 5: Wiring !

Look at the image above to find out on how to use a distance sensor with a crumble, To do it with and arduino I would imagine it would be similar wire the 5V and GND up and put the T and E inputs into an I/O pin.

The motors are easy to wire up If you are using a crumble wire the positive of the motor to the M+ terminal and the negative for the motor to the M- terminal. If you are using an Arduino then wire the wires to their corresponding places on a motor sheild.

make sure that the two different distance sensors and wired up to different Pins as we want them to read different inputs. Likewise with the motors

Step 6: Coding

Unfortunately I haven't had time to compose an Arduino script for this project but I have made a crumble script for this project that will be included to download. You will need to configure the script depending on your height so that you can set parameters for the motors.


To edit the Script you will have to install the Crumble software


Finally How to use it!

Each motor has can go forwards

By placing yourr low above the sensor corresponding with the chosen motor you can make it go forwards!

Thank you for reading my first ever instructable and I hope you enjoyed it!



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