Introduction: Ultralight Bottle Cap Stove!

This is an Ultra Light stove made with bottle caps. This is easy to make and it weighs next to nothing!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
2 Bottle caps
a nail
a hammer
rubbing/isopropyl alcohol
a match or a lighter

Step 2: Let's Get Started!

Use the pliers to bend back the rim of one bottle cap.

Step 3: Make the Fill Holes

Hammer the nail into the other bottle cap about four times the create the fill holes.

Step 4: Hammer It Down

Use a hammer to create a "divot" in the bottle cap so the fuel can drain without it spilling.

Step 5: Put Them Together

Fit the holed bottle cap inside the other one to finish the stove.

Step 6: Try It Out!

You just made the world's lightest camping stove!

To use it:
Pour some isopropyl alcohol in the fill hole. Using a match or a lighter, light it!