Ultrasonic Parking Siren

Introduction: Ultrasonic Parking Siren

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What is it?

New cars have this feature that helps the driver park their car without causing rather costly contact with other vehicles.

How does it work?

An ultrasonic sensor sends off a sound wave and then detects the return of the same sound wave. It uses the time travelled by the wave to calculate distance to the obstacle that reflected the wave, by this equation:

Distance (in cm) = Time (in µs) X 0.0034

Construction Steps: (Watch Video!)

Step 1: IMPORTANT: Make sure your Arduino is ON before
assembling circuit

Step 2: FIRST Connect the GND pin on the sensor to the GND pin on the Arduino THEN connect the Vcc pin on the sensor to the 5V pin on the Arduino

Step 3: Connect the Echo pin on the sensor to Pin 3 on the Arduino

Step 4: Connect the Trig pin on the sensor to Pin 4 on the Arduino

Step 5: Load the “Ultrasonic Siren” Program and test out the siren

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    Nice to meet your project.

    Simular to my project which I posted before...

    I used ultrasonic sensor too...

    See your project well.. Thank you.