Introduction: Ultrasonic Pong

Ultrasonic Pong is the mix of the classic arcade game, Pong, and ultrasonic sensors. The game Pong normally uses a classic joint stick controller while ultrasonic pong uses an ultrasonic sensor and keys on a keyboard to control movements.We created this game using processing and arduino to allow the sensor to communicate with the game.



Ultrasonic Sensor





Step 1: Download the Code

Download the code below for the game pong and customize the colors and ball speed of the game

Step 2: Set Up Your Ultrasonic Sensor

Using the breadboard, wires, ultrasonic sensor, and arduino follow the setup below.

Step 3: Create Your Controller

Using foamcore create a rectangular box with one side open and also make a paddle for your hand.

Step 4: Game Play

First player to get 10 points

Press the spacebar to reset the game

The left paddle is controlled using the sensor (raise and lower your hand)

The right paddle is controlled using I K