Introduction: Umbrella Holder

This umbrella holder makes it easier to store your umbrella without wasting too much space, also it helps keep your room organized and looking cool. This simple invention can save you lots of time looking and storing your umbrella.

Step 1: Materials

-Wood (2 squares)


-Saw(any type to cut wood)



-Velcro(Depends if u want velcro or Nail


-Super glue

Step 2: Draw the Shape

Draw this shape into ur wood of choice and cut it out with ur saw.

The shape must have a point triangle on a side to hold the umbrella.

It is 12.5cm of Height and 11cm of width.

Cut 2 of them.

Step 3: Cut the Shapes

Once you got something like this proceede to the next step

They don't need to be perfect (as you see here)

Once you have them try making the curve big so the umbrella fits.

Step 4: Find a Wall

Find a wall where you can fit the umbrella and the wood thingies.

See if the size is good.

Must be a wall you are willing to nail or put velcro on.

Step 5: Decision

Step 4 can be made from two choices, using velcro or using nails. This is completely up to you and they both have pros and cons. I recommend using nails if you want to have it stuck for a while but velcro works for testing and fitting.

Step 6: Stick the Wood Supports in the Wall

---Using Velcro and Super Glue---

Put velcro on ur wood thingies as shown in the picture

Once u have it like that add super glue in between the velcro to make it stick better .

Wait for it to cool and test if the umbrella holders supports the umbrella.

--Using Nails--

I don't have photos for this but for this step you want to add a nail to ur wall and then put the wood thingy on the nail to make it stuck.
After putting the nail test if the umbrella supports, if not add more nails until it won't fall.

Step 7: Final Product

Now you have a umbrella hanger that does not waste space. You can in fact add more wood holders for more umbrellas making it easier to store and easier to find.

After allot of prototypes this was my final version and the version I was most proud of.