Introduction: Umbrella Samurai Sword

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This is a DIY of the Rain Cutter: The Umbrella Samurai Sword

I have made this using an old black umbrella.

now you can make one too with your umbrella with these steps...

Step 1: The Materials Needed:

The Materials for this project is very simple

You'll need one of the following:

A steel pipe (small in diameter and can fit the screw of the umbrella)

a vinyl cloth

flat black shoe laces

old pair of black jeans

an old umbrella

and a sewing kit

Step 2: Now the Handle:

The handle goes like this

first unscrew the handle of the umbrella and screw the steel pipe in place,

and cover it with the part of the old black jeans covering all of the steel pipe

put some clothing on the side of the pipe in order to bulge it and to make it ellipse and not round for the wrapping of our next step.

Step 3: The Samurai Wrapping

The samurai lace wrapping is done in the picture above as shown,

now take the flat black shoe lace and do the wrapping...

Step 4: Now the Sheath

In order to do the sheath you must follow the following steps

first : wrap the umbrella with the vinyl cloth and sew it

second: Make the strap, the strap must be a long one longer than the sheath itself, it's 3 inch by 15 inch, make some adjustments in order to fit your needs and style

third: Make some buttons and other additional designs

Step 5: Now Your Done!

Enjoy your very own umbrella samurai sword, and cut through rain like a samurai or a ninja

it also can be use for cosplay, for protection in case you need some other things to do with it, and namely for style!...

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