Introduction: Umbrella Stand

Give a second life to a watering can.

Customize an old watering can as an umbrella stand . An object which help to protect the floor.
To make this object choose your paper according to a theme.

Step 1:


- watering can
- varnish glue
-news paper
-original paper (with theme if you want)


Step 2:

stage 1

Cut out strips of the news paper .

Step 3:

stage 2

Cover the watering can using the varnish glue and put down news paper strips. Then put another coat of  glue on the strips ( not thick).
The strips should be glued in all directions.

Step 4:

stage 3

Repeatthis action to cover the watering can.
It is necessary to cut various sizes to obtain an even surface.

Step 5:

stage 4

Wait for the news paper to dry because with the vanish glue the news paper is different.
The strips mix up until the varnish glue is dry.

Step 6:

stage 5

Cut in original paper forms, object, characters and stick them in the watering can as with the news paper.
You can do a musical theme, food theme... you can create your  own world.

I choose rounds, building and musical notes.
Paper Napkin can provide motifs too.
You can cover all the news paper if you want, and put colors.

Step 7:

Your watering can is  finished. You have in your house a new original and unique umbrella stand. You have a new useful object which is not expensive.