Introduction: Umbreon Pokemon Costume

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Step 1: Know Your Pokemon

Since there are so many Pokemon it is important to get an image of the correct one and in the correct stage of their evolution. Ask your child or the person who will ultimately wear the costume!

Step 2: Buy a Basic Black Hoodie and Sweatpants

Easy and cheap...this is my favorite base for most costumes since Halloween is often chilly.

Step 3: Supplies Needed

Red felt (eyes)
Yellow felt (oval rings)
Black felt (ears & tail)
Black dimensional paint
Rotary cutter (optional)
Cutting mat (optional)
Sewing machine (optional)
Hot glue gun & extra glue sticks
Needle and black thread
Safety pins
Poly fiber stuffing or similar

Step 4: Cut Yellow Felt Into 5 Oval Rings

I hand drew one onto a piece of paper and used it as a pattern.

Step 5: Cut 2 Red Felt Ovals

Cut these smaller than the yellow rings. I used the picture of the Umbreon to figure the approximate size.

Step 6: Paint Pupils

Use black dimensional (puff) paint to make the black of the eyes. Careful! This takes a long time to dry. Keep away from curious kids & pets or you'll have a mess.

Step 7: Glue on Rings & Eyes

Put the hoodie & pants ON your child so that all the pieces are in the correct place. I glued it directly on my son but be careful of hot gluing your child! Ouch!

Step 8: Ears & Tail

I used stuffed felt but another option is craft foam (less 3D but quicker & lighter). I folded black felt, used chalk to sketch the shape and stitched on the lines with my sewing machine. Glue might work if you keep the stuffing amount small. Then I trimmed the excess, turned them inside out and stuffed them with poly fil. Next I wrapped yellow felt around the middle (2 inches wide). I safety pinned them all on. The tail worked great. But the ears were floppy. This is not a lop eared Umbreon so I cut a few inches off the ears, took out half the stuffing and glued them onto the hood with a wider base. Success. I recommend using a headband!

Step 9: Ready for Trick or Treating

I made a Poke ball treat bag and my son is ready for Halloween!
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