Un-boxing Your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer



Introduction: Un-boxing Your Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

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It is Tax season here in the states. Time for the All American hobby of getting back what the Government has been drawing interest on all year and putting it back in to the community. 

My wife and I went shopping at a local big retailer and found this gem on sale for $179.99. TIME TO BUY!

Kitchenaid manufacturers thought it would be a good idea to put tape on the box flaps. I guess this is to keep everything INSIDE the box while in transit. 
A simple tool such as a box cutter or even a car key cuts very easily through this super thin layer of sticky plastic.
Once you have shown the tape who's the boss (Tony Danza) fold back the two box flaps with the tape on them.
Next you will need to fold back the other two flaps inside the first two.
Stand back and admire the beauty.

Step 1: Removing the Greatness.

By this time in your experience you should almost be able to taste the wonders you will create with this magical piece of kitchen wonderment.
The hidden compartment contains a mysterious book. Remove it carefully and behold the recipes.
At this point it may be best to place the box on a low, flat surface such as the floor.
Pinch the box with your feet and grab the mixer GENTLY with two of your hands. How many hands do I have you ask? Two. But I do not speak for every human on the planet and I do not judge those who are Digitally Enhanced.
While pinching with the feet, lift with the hands. 
Place the protected-for-transport-mixer on the counter.

Step 2: Remove the Pads Etc...

The transport protection material is neither useful anymore or helpful in cooking.
Remove the front side foam and set it aside.
Remove the backside foam and lay it flat. It holds surprises.
Remove the dough tool. Ponder sweetly over the many hours of mixing this little gem will save you.
Remove the mixing tool. Ponder gently over the many hours of mixing by hand this gift from the gods will save you.
Find the tilt lever and move it to the back. Tilt your mixer "bullet" backwards and remove the wire whisk tool. Ponder favorably over the many years of whipping this (can we really call this a tool) tool will save you.

Step 3: Display


Remember. After you use it for the first time it will need a name.
Reply with your mixer's names.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Oooooo, but I want to hold out for a big brother Hobart.
    Save up next year for the accessory pack.