Introduction: UnBrella - a Portable Greenhouse

The UnBrella is a water irrigation system designed to conserve water. It collects transporated water from the plants and puts it back into the soil. It is also equipped with a sprinkler system so all you have to do is connect it to a hose or a rain barrel if extra water is needed.

Step 1: Materials

1 - Clear plastic umbrella

6 ft - 3/8" Clear plastic tubing

1 - garden hose adapter

1 - 3/8" tubing to garden hose adapter

1 - bubble level

1 - 3/8" tubing T-adapter

12 - zip ties

Plumbers Tape

Step 2: Cut Tubing to Fit Inside UnBrella

Thread plastic tubing so that it forms a circle above the UnBrella stays. Mark the desired length to complete the circle. Remove tubing and cut on marking.

Step 3: Drill Holes in Tubing to Make Sprinkler System

We tested 3 different methods of putting sprinkler holes in the plastic tubing. We test a nail, an X-acto knife, and a drill bit. We determined that the drill bit worked best. We then marked the tubing every 2.5" with a marker and drilled a small hole.

Step 4: Install T

Place prepared tubing back in the UnBrella. Connect the tube with the plastic T-joint. Make sure the third connection is pointing toward the center of the UnBrella.

Step 5: Zip Tie Tubing in Place

Step 6: Make a Hole for Hose Attachment in Umbrella

Hold the brass 3/8" tube adapter up to the inside of the UnBrella and mark the plastic to remove. Cut out the marked plastic.

Step 7: Install Hose Attachment

Cut a shorter length of plastic tub to connect the brass 3/8" adapter to the plastic T-adapter. Wrap the Teflon Tape around the threaded part of the brass adapter and insert the adapter into the UnBrella from the inside. Screw the garden hose adapter on to the 3/8" adapter.

Step 8: Zip Tie Hose Attachment to Umbrella Struts for Stability

Step 9: Saw Off UnBrella Handle

Cut off the UnBrella handle, leaving about 4-5" to insert into the ground.

Step 10: Cut Holes in the Plastic to Allow the Plant to Breathe

Pinch the plastic together between the spars and use a hole puncher to make the air holes.

Step 11: Put UnBrella in the Garden

Place UnBrella over some plants in the garden. Connect a hose to the hose attachment and water your plants. Use the bubble level to ensure that it is installed level.