Introduction: Unbreakable USB Stick

USB sticks are the best things scince sliced bread!

But you know this?
You go hiking, kayaking ore something and you lose your USB stick?
I have made this experience and lost an expensive 32 gb USB stick.

So after that i thought about an Unbreackable easy to find USB stick.

My requirements to the stick is:

The stick is

- Waterproof
- Shockproof
- EMP save :D
- Easy to find

Well let´s get started...

Im not responsible for every damage on your USB stick ore Computer!!!

Step 1: Get Your Materials...

You need:

- An old USB stick laying around
- Some aluminium and plastik foil
- A yellow highlighter textmarker
- 2 Component Epoxy
- A mold for thr epoxy
- Latex gloves
- Small plastik cups
- Some Tools

Nice to have:

- A dremel
- A Dril
- Some Sandpaper

Step 2: Wrap Around...

First you have to wrap around a small pice of plastik foil on your USB Stick.

Than do the same with the aluminium foil.
Make shure that the aluminium foil has contact with the USB plug !
(for that i placed a small solder point on it. Look at the pictures)
The aluminium foil will make a Faraday cage around the stick.

A Farady cage is for the EMP safety.
(when you dont know what this is take a look on this artikel:)

Step 3: Get Your Flurecent Paint...

You can get these paint easyly from Highlighters.
The highlighter must be a yellow one.

First breakopen the housing of the Highlighter,
Than get the cotton out and press the paint out of it.

Well done,
you have your flurecent paint.

Step 4: The Mold...

Now you have to find a mold for the usb stick and the epoxy.
I use a little ESD pasckage where the stick fits in perfekt.

Place the Stick in the mold like shown in the Picture.

Step 5: Mix the Epoxy

Well its time to put on your gloves for sefety.

Simply mix enough epoxy for the whole Stick and Put all of your fluorecent paint in it.
Mix it well and than fill it in your mold with the usb stick.

Now you have to wait until the epoxy gets hard.
That takes about 12 Hours.

Step 6: Remove the Mold...

Remove the mold carefully with a nose plier ore a screwdriver.

Step 7: Bring It in Form...

Now you can cut the epoxy in your prefered size.
I used a normal scissors.
Make shure that you don´t damage the aluminium foil ore the PCB.

You can also grind the edges with some sand paper ore a Dremel.

I drilled also a 2,5mm hole in the Epoxy for a Keyring.

now you have to wait again 12 hours until the epoxy gets completly hard.

Step 8: Finish !!!

I tested the Stick with a waterbath for an hour,
a teslacoil for the EMP simulation,
and i threw the stick out of the 4 floor of a building.

After all these tests the stick is still working fine.

I find it everywhere at the day and night thanks to the signal colour.

At night i use a small uv led flashlight to find it,
because of the ultraviolet light the stick glows bright green/yellow.

I hope you like this instructions,
and you make your own "Undestructable USB Stick"

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