Introduction: Unclog Your Drain in Two Minutes With This 1 Minute Zip-tie Trick. (Think Green...)

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One thing I like to do is to help solve those everyday issues we all go through in life.
Being a handy man myself I'm always the one that is being called to solve issues in the home.
Now for all of you who always calling someone for help (you know who you are!!) with these kinds of problems, you can fix it with very little time. With this said lets get started!

Tub or sink draining slow? Well then CALL THE PLUMBER!!
No no wait!!
Here I will show you how to make a quick and easy tool that will unclog your slow drain in one minute and it will take only about one minute to make and the best part of all it will cost you hardly nothing to make!! With a few simple items you may have in your home you can make this in a snap!
I made this tool and it works great when trying to get the hair and the gunky stuff out of the drain.

It's safe and you don't have to use harsh chemicals which can hurt you and the environment.

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Step 1:

What you will need:
  1. Zip-tie (the longest you can find that fit the drain hole)
  2. Box cutter or scissors
  3. Cutting board or scrap piece of wood
  4. A slow drain
  5. And remember to always practice safety first so wear safety glasses and protective gloves! 

Step 2:

With your safety gear on very carefully cut slits onto the pointed end of the zip-tie like you see here on both sides (just a few will do) using a box cutter or blade.
Use a piece of scrap wood or a cutting board to avoid damage to the surface while cutting.
If you don't have a blade then use scissors instead. And that's all you have to do to make the tool!
All this should take you about a minute to do but please don't rush to avoid an accident. =-)

Step 3:

  1. OK, now to be like a pro plumber you have to these quick steps before starting to clean out the drain!!
  2. If you want to keep your hands from touching the stuff that comes out of the drain then please wear gloves!!
  3. This is probably the most important step before starting!! Loosen or better yet remove your belt before cleaning out the drain. This is a very important if you want to look and feel like a pro plumber!!   LOL

Now insert the end you just cut of the zip-tie into the drain you're having problems with until you reach far enough without letting go of your new homemade tool.  
Pull it out until you remove all the gunky hair and who knows what out of the drain.. O.o
Do this a few times until you feel that you got it all out. 

Run the water to see if drains better and you're done in a zip of time! =)

Now you just saved yourself some money by not calling a plumber! 
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