Introduction: Uncover Easter Eggs on Your Computer

Everyone loves easter eggs, right? Those wonderful unsuspected surprises of the digital world? Well, here's a bunch of ones I bet you didn't know you could find. Oh yussss.
* Applies to PCs for the majority of the instructable. However, the last page features some google easter eggs as a consultation prize for all you non-PC people. You can look at those. *

Step 1: Hidden Audio Files

Here's a very easy easter egg to locate. Did you know your computer came with some hidden audio files? That's right. It did. Those wonderful tunes, all hiding right there under your nose. Well actually, they're really weird...not exactly wonderful...But they're fun to find, anyway.

Find "Run". (if you're unfamiliar with it, go to the start menu and simply search "Run". It should look like the picture when opened.)
Once you've done that, type media into the box, and press OK. You should get a list of all those system sounds...error sounds, the startup sound, etc. But there's some unusual things in that list. In the folder that appears with those audio files, go ahead and look around for the following, and play them:


Pretty strange, eh? It's like windows system sounds, jazz, and 80's synths had a baby.

Step 2: GodMode

Oh hey! Did you know there's a fancy little way to get a special control panel, simply by changing the extension on the end of a new folder? Eh, it's not too exciting, but it's kinda fun to mess around with.

Take caution creating this using Windows Vista 64-bit. It might make your browsers crash, force you into safe mode, and make you delete the folder to stop the crashing; which is just generally a nuisance.

Make a new folder, leave it empty, and name it anything you like, with the text below added to the end:


So, if you decided to name it Godmode, type instead Godmode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Once that's done, double click it and explore. It's basically everything the regular control panel can do, but it's interesting, isn't it?

Step 3: Randomly Generated Text in Word

Type any of the following into Word, press enter afterwards, and watch the magic.
* Some may not work for all versions of word or windows *

=rand.old ()

Step 4: Google Easter Eggs

Search for the following to get the following results:

do a barrel roll ~ Google will do a barrel roll for you.
tilt ~ The browser will be slightly tilted. Search untilt to reverse the effect.
zerg rush ~ Oh no, the google o's are destroying the webpage. What a disaster.
liveapplet ~ Get access to live security cameras, and take control of them!

The "peg man" you drop down in google earth has some nice wears. Look at what wikipedia says:

Dragging the Google Street View "Peg man" onto Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA used to display him with a tie-dyed shirt. He is also given special clothing for some widely observed special occasions: for Halloween he rides a broomstick; for Valentine's Day he stands upon a heart; and during Christmas week, he becomes a snowman.[5] When dragged into Lego Land in Carlsbad, the "Peg Man" turns into a Lego man. When dragged into Street View in Sun Valley, Idaho, he becomes a skier. When dragged onto the vicinity of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, Flushing Meadows–Corona Park, "Peg Man" becomes a tennis player holding a racket.

Searching for "Meliza" in google earth, while exploring Mars, will let you talk to a nice little lifeform there.

Go to and set "translate from" to english. Then type the following text into the box: pv zk bschk
This activates "beatbox mode". If you type in some text (not including vowels) after the text you just typed, and press the speaker icon, you'll get some mad beats, yo. It also works in a couple other languages.