Introduction: Undead Hand Silhouettes - Haunted House

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Up at work, we are putting together a Haunted House. One of the areas were to have masks hanging against a fabric background that popped against the black light. Unfortunately, the masks looked like big black blobs.

I placed my hand against the fabric surface and was taken completely how cool it looked against the surface and that is where the hand idea came from.

I wanted an undead look to it and am very pleased.

Step 1: Supplies

  • green fabric in this case or any colored fabric/paper that pops in black light
  • brown packing paper or any other paper that the black light does not pop
  • double sided tape (regular clear tape pops a little with the black light but not too much)
  • marker
  • scissors
  • black light

Step 2: Creating Hands

  1. trace your hand or freehand over the paper with a marker
  2. draw out arm freehand
  3. cut out hand/arm

Step 3: Tape on Hands to Fabric

  1. tape fabric to window or surface. use clear packaging tape
  2. tape paper hands to fabric background
  3. use double sided if you have it. Otherwise, regular clear tape will do but it does pick up a little bit under the black light

Step 4: Turn Off the Lights and Turn on the Black Ones

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