Introduction: Undead Bait Undead Nightmare

Undead bait is an item in Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare
undead bait is an item that attracts zombie....useful...
if you want to attract some brain-eating badies, heres what you need!
-a bottle shaped like a whiskey bottle
-food coloring and water
-label paper or paint

Step 1: Clean the Bottle!

i used a old maple syrup bottle for this project but you could use plastic craft bottles, other food bottles, or and old whiskey bottle!
just remove all labels and clean contents
-to remove label i rinsed the bottle uner hot water and scraped with a plastic spoon then wiped the bottle with acetone.

Step 2: Remove All Evident of the Future!!!

aka the plastic band on top , just cut it off wih some scissor, easy :)

Step 3: The Label

i had some trouble with this because my printer broke so i decide to just paint some label paper :)
this was the original printable label if you want to use it.
customization of the label is half the fun so try and make your own :)

Step 4: The Bait!

the bait now i just used color water but get creative and use anything you lie, remember zombieare always attracted to the color green :)
-one drop of yellow
-stick a toothpick in the green color and add a little at a time

Step 5: The Look!

add what ever you like
-some twine
-a rip in the label
-rust on the bottle

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