Introduction: Undelete Them Deleted Files, Very Easy and User-friendly.

Ever deleted a file from your spare hard drive, your camera, mp3 or even empted you recyle bin and then realised you still wanted that file? This is a simple way to recover those files.

Added this instrucatable cuz i deleted every episode of family guy off my N95, now i have them all back. So i thought i would help everyone else out aswell

Step 1: Oh No I Deleted That Important Image. What Do I Do?

The file got deleted on accident. oops.

Step 2: Getting the FREE Software.

Go to undelte plus. and get the top file.

Step 3: Install the File.

Save the file to a place you can find it, run the undelete_plus_setup.

Step 4: Open Undelet Plus,

Open Undelete Plus and then select the drive you want to search. It come under 'TouchStoneSoftware'

Step 5: Run Scan and Find Your File.

Press start scan, wait for it to find all the files, then search for you file

Step 6: Recovering Your File.

Click the box next to the file to put a blue tick in it, choose the directory where you want the file to go and hit start undelete.

Step 7: Go to the Folder You Selected.

Go to the folder you selected to recover it to, the will be a file/folder that wasnt there(it might be in code i.e ?$&*&), open it and you file will be in there