Introduction: Understand Electronic 0 to 1 With TinkerCAD

To Understand Electronic from naught is not easy, what ever for Kids or adult.

As professional Electrical Engineering, I can understand how hard it is to Make Abstract Rules Realistic, before Understandable.

I would suggest TinkerCAD integrated FUN with vivid free web-based demonstration. You can even try Wrong Wiring Connection to see what happens, without damage your electronic parts.

There would be three parts in this Instructables.

  1. Make one Electroscope, with TINKERCAD 3D Design
  2. Measuring Voltage, Ampere, Ohms with breakdown parts, with TINKERCAD circuit
  3. Make Avometer with Arduino Boards, with TINKERCAD Code and Codeblocks.

Step 1: Tools and Softwares

Throughout this Instructables, only necessary part is your Curiosity and Daily Experience.

No more mathematical or Physical Knowledge. TinkerCAD shall guide the way.



- Arduino


- Plastic and Aluminum foild

- Breakdown Electronic Learning Kit

- Arduino IoT Starter Kit

- Hand Tools set, including drills, cutter, etc.

Step 2: Make Electroscope

With the 3D design in Circuit Design. you can make your own Electroscope.

Drill one hole in the top center of one transparent plastic box, fix the copper wiring in shape through this hole as you design in the 3D design.

Cut two the aluminum sheet and hand at one end of the copper wiring. Press the some aluminum sheet into one ball at the other end of the copper wire.

Your can got one Electroscope.

Step 3: Simulation of Sample Ammeter Circuit and Sample Voltmeter Circuit.

After design in Tinkercad Circuit, press the button Start Simulation to see the result.

For Sample Ammeter Circuit, touch the switch button to see the different ammeter readings in corresponding to the total reading of the main circuit.

For Sample Voltmeter Circuit, touch the switch button to see the different voltmeter readings in corresponding to the total reading of the main circuit.

Step 4: Design Digital Avometer With TinkerCAD Circuit

Make Avometer with Arduino Boards, with TINKERCAD Code and Circuit

In this stage, one Arduino Board shall be included in the design. Meantime, the code button can extend what embedded in the Flash Memory of Arduino.

  • First , test the tools Tinkercad Code in Block,

Using arduino control one servo, the design logic in colorful blocks. You can drap, drag or drop in the Window to control the program flow. The parameter can be set in the Editable Space.

  • Then, Let design one Ammeter and Voltmeter, according to basic electrical principle describe before.

Press Start Simulation BUTTON, the LCD screen can show what is programmed . Using Analogue Reading function, the voltage meter reads data from PIN A2 and Ampere Meter from Pin A0.

Here is the Arduino Sketch Code in this Simulation.

Step 5: Summaries

With all the education efforts, TINKERCAD provides one of best on-line tool for everyone FOR FREE from 3D design, circuit design, coding.

Maybe it is not so powerful as you think, but that is powerful enough for Educators.

Even more PACK like CODEBLOCK is under development. It is strongly recommended Tools for all. And bring more possibility for imagination.

Part of the picture and introduction are directly got from wiki pages with hyperlink to source page. Thanks for contributors.
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