Understanding Dress Codes

Introduction: Understanding Dress Codes

This instructable will help you understand the right way to dress when dressing in business attire. It takes a little time and practice but eventually you will learn the correct way to dress for special events.

Step 1: Find a Nice Button Down.

This is a very important step. Your whole look is based off this one step because if you have a shirt this is missing buttons, has stains, or is simply the wrong color it can ruin the entire look that you're going for. Make sure you have solid crisp shirt.

Step 2: Find a Nice Tie

Whether its a bow tie or a classic tie make sure its nice! You can choose a plain solid tie if you want to be more subtle. Or a bow tie if you feel like spicing it up. Preferably I would wear a bow tie.

Step 3: Dress Pants

When choosing dress pants your doing something similar to choosing a blazer. Firstly, you want your blazer and pants to match so try to buy them together and if not make sure they are very similar. You don't want your dress pants to be too tight or too loose. You also don't want them to be too high or too short.

Step 4: Wearing a Belt

Wearing a belt pulls together the entire outfit. Aside from pulling together the outfit it keeps your pants from falling so you can maintain the clean crisp look. It is recommended that your belt matches you shoes just for style.

Step 5: Make Sure You Have a Nice Suit Jacket.

This is also important. Jackets play a vital role. When choosing a jacket you want to make sure it isn't too baggy but you also don't want it to be too tight. If you aren't able to button your jacket this means that it is too tight and you need a larger size. But you also don't want your jacket to be too big because you won't be able to see your cuff links.

Step 6: Wearing Socks

Now this may not sound like its that important of a step, but it is. When sitting down your pants rise which expose your lower leg and ankle so its best that you have on a nice pair of dress socks. Not regular cotton socks but dress socks.

Step 7: Shoes

Shoes, which is one of my favorite parts of the outfit is equally important to all the other steps. People will look you from head to toe so you have to make sure your "shoe game" is on point. The different types of shoes you can wear are oxfords, debrys, loafers, cap toes, monk straps, dress boots, wingtips, and formal pumps,

Step 8: Ironing

This is a major step because you can have everything laid out, matching, and just looking good but if its wrinkled it just ruins the whole outfit. Make sure you iron the night before the event because you never want to wait to last minute and have your clothes looking all dingy and wrinkled. It looks unprofessional, and its just not a good look.

Step 9: Dry Cleaning

In addition to having your suite ironed, you also want to have it dry cleaned. I don't have my suites dry cleaned every time I wear them, but after the second or third time yes, I do. Or if I'm attending a special event that I want to look nice for I will.

Step 10: Accessories

Accessories aren't that important, but if you do decide to wear them they can enhance your look. Accessories range from bracelets, watches, necklaces, suspenders, hats, cufflinks,etc. If you decide to wear accessories please don't wear more than 3 at once because it will cause your outfit to look tacky and defeat the whole purpose of it.

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