Introduction: Underwater Swimming Pool Bluetooth Solar Cleaning Robot

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In my house I have a swimming pool, but the biggest problem with demountable pools is the dirtiness that is deposited on the bottom, that the water filter does not aspire. So I thought of a way to clean the dirtiness from the bottom. And as of other pool cleaning robots I made a homemade version.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

1) Bluethoot microcontroler from a robomaker of clementoni ( or arduino + bluetooth module + ir sensor + motor driver board)

2) CPU fan


3) 2x DC motor


4) 2x running machine ( or 4 wheels)


5) 3.7v 18650 battery


6) Micro USB charger


7) Solar panel ( optional )


8) Other insignificant things :)

Step 2: Coding ( If Using Arduino)

If you use an arduino here's the schematic and the code:

Step 3: Make Some Modifications and Lubricate the Engines

As the IR sensor was soldered on the main board, I dessoldered it and extended the wires. I also soldered the fan on one of the engines.

In order not to rust in wather I lubricated the fan and motors

Step 4: Assemble the Treadmill and Close Everything in a Box

The box doesn´t need to be waterproof because it will be sealed.

If you don't have a treadmill, 4 wheels can be used for the same result.

Step 5: Seal the Box and Extend the Wires

First I sealed the box with silve tape but the water came in so I sealed it with hot glue by passing two layers.

The size of the wires depends on the height of the pool, I used about 1 meter.

Step 6: Make the Filter and Glue It to the Robot

For the filter I used an old fabric, the suction system was made with a fan and two plastic cups, the bottom of the cups was the filter and the other the fan

Step 7: Install the Solar Panel (Optional)

The solar panel was connected to the power input of the charger so it is possible to charge via USB or solar energy

I also put the IR sensor in front of the robot and glue two small pieces of styrofoam on both sides of the box to float well

Step 8: Testing in the Water

My initial idea was that the box would be submersible but when I put it under water the cell phone has no bluetooth signal

After a while, the filter must be cleaned to avoid worsening the aspiration

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