Introduction: Underwater/Stability Rig for GoPro Camera

In this instructable you can make a underwater and stability rig for the GoPro camera using some PVC pipes/connectors and the GoPro Tripod Mount.
I bought the GoPro, it is great how small the camera is, but that also makes it is hard to keep it stable. And because I go diving for 2 months in Indonesia next summer i needed a small lightweight rig. I only could find the normal heavy and expensive rigs, so i made one myself.
Also the rig can be extended by putting end caps on the handlebars, this would be nice for filming lights.
And don't worry about the tripod mount, you can still use it on a tripod ;)

Step 1: Get Materials

For the rig you will need these things:
- GoPro Tripod Mount > $ 7,99 GoPro website
- About 50 cm  1" PVC pipe > about $ 2 (local hardware store)
- 2x 90º PVC elbows > about $ 2
- PVC Tee > about $ 1
- PVC End cap or PVC Male adapter (I used an old damaged adapter) > about $ 2
- PVC glue (or you should only use PVC pipes with fittings)

And to make it you will need this:
- Drill (with size 20/22 mm)
- Saw
- File

Step 2: Make the Rigs Body

Start with making the body.
See the pictures notes for the sizes I used.

Making the body is pretty easy, just saw 2 pipes for the bottom and 2 for the handlebars. (it looks better if they are the same size).
Then put some glue on the ends of the pipes and the inside of the connectors.
Push the pipes into the connectors and let it dry for about 1 hour, you can already start on the next step while you wait!

Step 3: Make the End Cap With the Tripod Mount

On this website I have seen a lot of instructables were you use a lot of bolts and screws to fit tripod mounts, I like that too, but it takes a lot of space for an underwater camera (really because the GoPro is so small). So I decided to put the tripod mount into the end cap, to save space.
And you will still be able to use the tripod mount on an tripod if you do not glue the end cap to the body.

First drill a hole in the end cap, a 20 mm should do fine.
Then file out the end cap until you can fit the tripod mount though it.

Step 4: Attach the End Cap to the Body

There are two ways you can attach the end cap to the body, just push it on or glue it.
If you still want to use the tripod mount on a tripod it is better if you do not glue it.

When you glue it:
- Put some glue inside the cap and around the middle pipe. Also put some glue on the tripod mount, to make it stay in place.
- Push the end cap on the body and let the glue dry for about 1 hour

When you do not glue it:
- Just push the end cap with the tripod mount onto the body
- Put a rubber ring between the tripod mount and the body to make it stay better in place
- Use some oil or teflon to make the end cap easier to take off or put on
- put a cord on the camera, of you are diving and the end cap flies off, the camera will float to the surface. To prevent this put a cord at the back door hinge and wrap it around the body.

Step 5: Finished, or Keep on Building

Take your GoPro for a nice dive trip, or use the rig for better stability when filming above water.

You can also extend the rig. As you have noticed on the handlebars are 2 open places where you can put lights or mics or whatever you need. (I hope you will find a way to fix this yourself, try something with an end cap and some screws/bolts!)