Introduction: Unicorn Dream Catcher

First you need to come up with an idea and make sure you can make it. My ideas was a unicorn dream catcher!

Step 1: Find Supplies

You will need to find supplies of your choice like yarn, wooden rings, flowers or butterflies, any sort of decorated paper you'd like, and ribbon with additional things you can find at home like hot glue gun and scissors.

Step 2: Wrapping the Yarn

Next you will need to tie a knot on your wooden ring and start looping the yarn in and out to wrap around the ring. Then tie a knot when the whole ring is covered. It should look something like this

Step 3: Catcher

Next you will need to make the catcher that goes inside the ring. For this you will need to tie a knot where the other knots are and start to wrap it around like this. That part will catch your dreams

Step 4: Getting Decorations Ready

Next you will need to prepare your decorations like cutting out a horn, opening packages, and getting your hot glue gun ready.

Step 5: Adding Decorations

Now you will start to glue the decorations on, horn first. Make sure to glue the horn where all the knot were tied. Then glue on flowers and butterflies until you like it.

Step 6: Ribbons

Last step is adding the ribbon. For this you need to cut a ribbon twice as long as you want it to hang of the dream catcher. Then you need to pull the looped side of the ribbon through the bottom. Then put the loose ends through the loop and pull the loose ends tight. Do this with as many ribbons you like and in whatever order you would like.

Step 7: Done!

Now you are done so hang it on a wall, give it to someone as a present, or have it as decoration on your dresser. I hope you liked learning how to make a unicorn dream catcher.