Introduction: Unicorn Eye

There is a perennial problem with blind unicorns in the Coventry area. Implementing a cure is made problematic by the ongoing shortage of eligible Beautiful Maidens to catch them in Warwickshire.

You will need:

Copper Disks. You can use copper coins (in the UK they have to be minted before 1992 after which they are copper-plated steel)

White enamel powder

Wallpaper paste

Millefiore beads

An enamelling kiln and equipment (You can use a blowtorch)

Step 1: Preparing the Copper Disks

Most old coins will be tarnished. Remove the copper oxide by pickling the coins for about half an hour.

The recipe for the pickling solution is 1 tablespoon of salt dissolved in 150ml of vinegar. It works best if you warm it up a bit . While this is a fairly safe process it is probably a good idea not to get it in your eyes.

After this you need to further clean the surface. I used a rotary tool but wet or dry sandpaper or wire wool will work just as well.

Step 2: Add the Enamel

Coat the disks in wallpaper paste or some other water soluble glue.

Sprinkle the white enamel on with a sieve.

Next take a millefiore bead. These are made like a stick of seaside rock and can be obtained in a variety of patterns and colors.Place these in the middle of the disc.

You must wait for the glue to dry. If you do not this will cause problems with the firing process. Placing the objects on top of the kiln as it warms up is a good way to do this.

Step 3: Fire the Disks

If the kiln is up to temperature firing will take about 5 minutes.

Be careful everything will stay hot much longer than you think.

Step 4: The Finished Product.

These are now ready to install on your unicorn. Also shown is a more satanic version for use on less virtuous creatures.

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