Unicorn Halloween Face Makeup

Introduction: Unicorn Halloween Face Makeup

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I feel unicorns are really in this year so why not be a one for halloween. Enjoy

Step 1:

First you want to prime your lids as this is going to make the colour more vibrant on your eyes. You can use primer or concealer. You want to apply this on your lid then blend it out up into your brows. Then set this with a white eyeshadow. This is going to help the blending.

Step 2:

Now with a large fluffy brush you want to start of with a light pink shade and blend this into the crease and also along the lower lash line meeting up on the outer corner.

Then do the same thing with a darker pink and a smaller fluffy brush. this is going to help this blend as your are transitioning into the darker colour.

Now with a pencil brush and a dark purple you want to apply this in the crease and along the lower lash line also once again meeting up on the outer corner. You can keep adding and blending until you are happy.

Step 3:

Now with a light aqua blue you want to apply this on the rest of the lid meeting up to the other colours. This will help clean up the line and create a cut crease.

With a white gel eyeliner apply this to the waterline to really make your eyes pop.

Now with a white liquid eyeshadow apply this to the inner corner and brow bone very lightly and then set this with a white eyeshadow to once again make your eyes pop.

Step 4:

Now apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes. I also popped some false lashes to finish of the eyes. If you don't like lashes then you can miss this step.

Step 5:

Now for the face you want to do your normal steps like foundation, concealer and also contouring your face. You can go a little over the top with your contour because this is a fancy dress look.

Step 6:

Now to look more like a unicorn apply a pink blush like a contour on your face. Then add highlighter to your highest points of your face.

Step 7:

For the lips you want to add a hot pink to the outer part of your lips and then a lilac to the centre and blend it together with your finger. Finish them off with some shimmer on the centre of your lips to make them pop.

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