Introduction: Unicorn Lighted Frame

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Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn! Then always be a unicorn!

Here is how to make a unicorn lighted frame with paper!

You'll need:

- an IKEA Ribba square frame 23cm x 23 cm (9x9'') or any other shadow box frame

- a printer

- 1 light grey canson paper larger than A4 (50x70cm)

- 6 A4 sheets of white card stock paper at least 220 gr (>110 lb)

- 2 A4 plain sheets of white paper

- x-acto knife for paper cut

- glue

- hot glue gun

- USB LED String Lights with switch (you can also use led strip and connect it with power plug, but I preferred

this set

- a piece of handifilm

- a piece of thin foam paper

- a small piece of gold card stock paper

- a A4 piece of paper in any color you like for the background (I've used blue and yellow)

Step 1: Printing

To start, you have to print every layout I've already made on my computer.

First, print each color on each sheet of white paper. There are 3 shades of blue and one rainbow. You won't print any color on the fifth paper sheet as we'll use its white color. You can use any color you like, and maybe some colored card stock papers. But I couldn't find the shades I wanted, that's why I preferred to print the colors I wanted.

After printing each color, you have to print the correct layout at the back of each paper. Each layout and color has a number from 1 to 3, to figure out what to print where. You don't print anything behind the sheet with the rainbow.

The grey layer is larger than a A4 size. Which means that it can't be printed. So, you have to print the last two layouts on two draft A4 paper sheets and connect them together to create the layout of the grey paper. Then use the piece of handifilm to trace the layout on the grey paper and then cut it out with the x-acto knife.

Step 2: Cutting Out

Then cut out every layout.

Step 3: Making the Unicorn

Use the same techique with the handifilm to trace the hair, the tail and the horseshoe of the unicorn on a piece of grey paper, like the one you used for the first layer.

Take the gold piece of paper and cut out a small unicorn horn and stick it on the unicorn. Stick the rest of the grey parts and then draw an eye with a marker.

Step 4: Cutting Paper Foam

Now you should cut the foam paper in pieces. You'll need 20 thin bars (about 2,7'' or 7cm) and 20 shorter around 4'' (1.5cm).

Step 5: Let's Start Building!

Now take each layer in order starting with the last one and stick four small paper foam pieces, one at each corner, and four of the others, one at each side. Apply glue on them and place the 5th layer on it. Repeat the same to each layer and your picture is ready!!

Step 6: Assembling

Open the frame and remove everything. First place the glass and then place the layers upside down. Then place the inner wooden frame (if there is any). Then take the fairy lights and use your hot glue gun to glue them around the frame.

Cut a square piece of the colored paper you like (I choose light blue and I also tried yellow which was better) and stick it on the back of the frame.

Step 7: And...voila!

And you are done!

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