Introduction: Unicorn Spit on Glass

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Like anyone that has unicorn Spit you find your self running around your house, to the thrift store or budget stores looking for items to spit on. I really the love unicorn spit on glass this crackle effect can make the most boring glass item become spectacular.

Step 1: Find Glass Items to Spit

I had these lamps for years and I could not resist doing them in unicorn spit. I washed the lamps in hot soapy water to get all the soot and dirt off them.

Step 2: Add Some Spit

I used a plastic syringe to push the unicorn spit into the glass lamp, I was trying to avoid the straight line pattern. I randomly kept turning the glass changing the direction so the colors blended better. I added 3 sprays of water using a fine mist spray. And stood them up to dry, and as you can imagine gravity took over and my design was gone. But all was not lost.

Step 3: Add Metallic Spray Paint

Once the spit was dry I used metallic gold spray paint on the inside.

Step 4: Paint the Base

For the base I wanted to paint the outsides instead because I am hoping to find a way to still use the lamps. I added one coat of mod podge and left it to dry. It turns clear when dry. I used midnight blackness to paint the bases.

Step 5: Spray the Handles

I spray painted the handles gold and gave the base 2 coats of gloss spray polyurethane. I found the base looked a bit to plain, but felt multi colors would be too much.

Step 6: Add Gold Leave

So I used cheap fake gold leaf and added it to the raised edges on the base. I painted on the size and let it sit for 25 minutes then applied the gold leave and removed the excess with a dry paint brush.

Step 7:

This product is so great it can be used on so many surfaces. To see more images please visit

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