Introduction: UnicornPotatoParty

My project was to use a makey makey kit to control a scratch program. A makey makey kit basically just uses a circuit board to connect your computer to almost anything. I discovered makey makey at the Phoenix Asylum in Boulder Colorado. P.S. no potatoes are actually involved in this project, the're just fabulous.

Check out the video below \/\/\/

Step 1: Get All of Your Parts.

To do this project you will need

alligator clip wires x4

pieces of tinfoil x3

small wires x2

makey makey control board x1

USB connection wire x1

Step 2: Connect Small Wires

Use your two small wires and stick them in the A and D slots of the makey makey board.

Step 3: Add Alligator Clip Wires

Connect one end of an alligator clip wire to each small wire, as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Add Your Ground

Connect two alligator clip wires together and snap one onto the ground section of your makey makey board.

Step 5: Tinfoil

Connect one piece of tinfoil to each of the empty alligator clips.

Step 6: Add Your USB Connection

Plug your connection wire into the makey makey board.

Step 7: Plug It in to Your Computer

Plug the USB into your computer. The light on your makey makey board should turn on.

Step 8: Scratch Account

Setup an account on Scratch is a simple programming language that you can use to animate things easily.

Step 9: Codes

Create a new project on scratch and put this code in all of your sprites. It doesn't have to be unicorns but I prefer them. You can change around the turn degrees and make them faster or slower as you prefer.

Step 10: How to Use

To use this new program that you have made just hold down the tinfoil that is connected to the ground section of your makey makey board. Then press either one of the other pieces of tinfoil and your program should start working and your sprites should spin.